Montag, 5. November 2012

WH 40K Imperial Guard

Miniatures:  Forge World (28mm)

M&T Game at Symposium 2012

I had a little game of  Musquet & Tomahawk at the Symposium 2012.
It's a nice ruleset for skirmishing games in the era of black powder.
Normally covering the FIW and AWI conflict I'm sure I will try the ruleset
for SYW, ACW and Napoleonic skirmishing games in the near future...
maybe with some conversions in shooting/fighting. 

Frank Becker was taking beautiful photos of the game.
You can see my "Speed Painted" - AWI Hessians here
on my "Großbeeren"-gamingtable....

Figures: Perry Miniatures (28mm)
Photos taken by Frank Becker