Thank you for your interest in my painting and modelling.

Sometimes I can offer some time for painting miniatures or building terrain as a comission.
First have a look at the right of my blog if any slots are available for painting or modelling,
or simply write me an email for further questions and further details.

I offer only one painting standard, the standard I like to paint. I don't want to paint miniatures in poor quality, neither for money...;-)
You can see the standard (I think high-wargaming-standard) in my Blog, where I show miniatures painted by me.

Here you will find no price list, because the price base upon so many facts, that I have to calculate every project for itself.

There are no strict limitations in scale or theme, but I prefer painting miniatures and vehicles from 15 to 28mm.

I paint all the minis with on robust foundation, with 2-5 layers of acrylic paint and washes applied by brush and airbrush.
Basing and coating with varnish (clear/matte), decals or weathering can be done at additional costs.
I like to use the best materials I can get my hands on.

When you contact me via mail, we talk about the job and the possible timeline.

Because I am self-deployed, there is only contact via mail, because I can't assure total availability for phone calls, etc.

So, don't be shy and write your wishes to: